The Winery

Ellevi's Technology and Quality

Our winery is in Cortona, in Tuscany and it was realized following the best technologies in order to have a proper ripening and ageing for every kind of wine we produce.

Ellevi winery is in the small village of Pietraia, at the feet of the beautiful Cortona, an Etruscan town of great charm, both for its historical and artistic heritage, and for its enogastronomical culture.

The winery has got a capacity of more than 1000 hl and inside it mostly contains cement vats with a capacity of 50 hl each one, which are excellent for wine vinification, conservation and ageing.

Moreover, there is also a small amount of inox tanks of low capacity, which are used for the wine decanting and conservation.

In addition, we have got 20 oak barriques, which come from the famous French department of Allier, and they are used for the ageing of our high quality wines.

Our Production

Among our proposals, there is Syrah, an excellent red wine of our vineyards which is typical of the area near Arezzo.
Then we have got Merlot and Pugnitello, red wines born from our love for grape and countryside.
And last but not least, our Viognier, an excellent white wine which is suitable for every occasion.
The result: more than 60.000 bottles per year ​of these wonderful products so you just have to choose and enjoy them.