The Vineyard

Ellevi Producers of Tuscan Wine

Almost 9 acres of vineyards surrounded by Cortona countryside where we produce with care and dedication the famous Syrah of Cortona, as well as excellent Merlot, Pugnitello and Viognier.

Ellevi’s vineyard consists of a single grouping, which extends on a surface of almost 8,40 acres and it is equipped with a drip irrigation system implanted in 2004 with a spacing of m. 2,30 x 0,80.

It consists of the following vineyards variety:
Merlot: 60% of the total area (ha 5)
Syrah: 23% of the total area (ha 1,9)
Pugnitello: 15,5% of the total area (ha 1,2)
Viognier: 1,5% of the total area (ha 0,3)

In the vineyard central part there is a small lake – containing 8.500 m3 – where rainwater goes, thanks to a proper drainage system and it can be used for any emergency irrigations.
The wine produced by Ellevi only comes from grapes of its own vineyards.

Grape harvest is done only with boxes and followed by a first sorting. Since Syrah and Merlot are premature varieties, the harvest occurs in the first half of September and it is followed by the immediate transportation of the grapes in the winery, where vinification occurs.

Vineyards undergo seasonal processes.
Dry pruning occurs during winter, while green pruning occurs during the budding (usually in the first days of April). Thanks to these interventions we aim at determining the production by choosing the buddings and at guaranteeing grape health by caging the branches and removing sterile canes.

These processes are deeply important to determine the quality of the final product along with fungicides treatments we do from April to July using products with a low environmental impact, like brass and sulphur.